Creation of My Yoga Playlist

As the famous saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” My yoga playlist stemmed from the desire to offer my patients a tool that would enhance the effectiveness of the treatment that they receive from me. As a chiropractor and yoga therapist, I believe in the power of manual medicine and also the effectiveness of coupling it with yoga poses. After a treatment with me, I set the body in motion toward a path of healing. Adding yoga poses serves to hold the path, resulting in greater and faster healing.

I give patients traditional yoga poses, but have also created my own variations of poses, combining elements of chiropractic, pilates, physical therapy, and yoga into highly effective poses for certain conditions. These I will share with you.

My patients have reaped great benefits from this combination of chiropractic and yoga, known as the My Yoga Playlist method. But up until now, there has been one small problem. After showing patients which poses to do and at which time, they often forget the level of detail that they need or the pose entirely.

I initially attempted to write out instructions for each pose and include a picture, but found that reading written cues is a daunting and confusing task for patients. I also couldn’t include the level of detail necessary in a written format. Hence, I created a video database of poses that can be linked and accessed from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can create your own flows, share flows, or have an experienced provider create a flow just for you.

My yoga playlist is yours to Create. Share. Expand.

With love,
Dr. Jessie Rickerson

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