Back to MY Yoga Playlist
1  To start, visit videos, type in a   searchable term followed by the enter key.

i.e "stretch my thigh" (what you want to do)
      "triangle" (name of pose) 
      "shoulder, hips" (body parts)

2  After you hit the search key you can see videos that best meet your search criteria.
3 You can view each video by clicking the play button.  The colored dot indicates starting position. 
4  When you have decided on the videos you want  to follow, simply click the plus button.  The chosen videos will be put into a playlist that you can save , use, or share.
5 The chosen videos will appear here.  You can load as many videos into your playlist as you want.  Each video averages about a minute long.  Rearrange the order by grabbing the number and moving it.  
6 You can view your saved playlists in the Accounts page.  This page also has your membership information.  Click on My Playlist to view your saved flows.
6 After clicking My Playlist button, your saved playlists will appear here.  Play, edit, or delete the playlists here.